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Treats and Sweets

Susan J

When you are heading out for a week or weekend of camping, what are your favorite go-to meals? Are you limited to what your family can make or are there endless possibilities with your amenities? I don’t know about you, but good food is a must when I’m on a trip with friends and family…. Read more »

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year for camping!

Susan J

Halloween camping can be very exciting for both adults and children. Campgrounds often host fun activities such as haunted hayrides, trick or treating, campsite decorations and tons of fun games for both parents and children. But what if there was a campground that was truly haunted? Would you camp there? Do you know of any… Read more »

10 Best Snowbird RV Parks To Spend Your Winter

Susan J

Unless you’re one of those rare birds who love the cold and snow, you’re probably ready to head south when the temperatures start to drop. Winter is the perfect time to take your RV on a sunny adventure to escape the harsh weather back home. In this post, we’ll explore our top picks for winter… Read more »

Truck Camper vs. Travel Trailer: Which is Right For You?

Susan J

If you want to enjoy upleveled camping or the convenience of taking your roof with you on the road, your options are limitless. Narrowing down those options can be overwhelming. If you want to use your truck to haul your RV, you have two main choices: truck campers or travel trailers. Both of these options… Read more »