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On the Road Again!

Susan J

Hi, my name is Bob and I am a RVer. My last RV trip was 1 week ago, and I am ready to be on the road again! All I do is think of new places to go and things to see. I am officially a RV’ing addict!

Are you like Bob? Do you love to stay on the road? Are you planning to spend your retired life in your RV? I believe we can all relate to Bob in some way and wish we could be full time RVers. But there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge and leaving your life behind to hit the road full time. Do your research and plan carefully before you pack up and head out. Let us offer a few helpful hints to get you started.


Decide if you want to keep your home or sell everything you have. Some people do not plan on coming back, while others may feel like they need the security of a stable home. Either way you will still need a permanent address to call “home” for any bills, mail or important documents to be sent. Whether it be your own home, a family member’s address, or a PO Box, make sure you have a “home” address before becoming a full time RVer.

If you have not retired and still need an income, you may be able to make arrangements with your job to work remotely. If they do not offer that option, consider other job opportunities that allow you to have a remotely accessible job.

Research your bank to see if they are nationwide. If they are limited in location, you may want to consider changing to a nationwide bank, so you have constant access to your finances. Creating an online bill pay will also allow you to have your bills taken care of online, with little to no stress.

Pick the right RV for you and your family before hitting the road. It is important to be happy and comfortable since this is now going to be your full-time home. Make sure you have plenty of storage and space for all your needs, but limit what you take. I know we all have those family heirlooms and keepsakes we treasure, but space is limited in an RV. You may want to leave those important items in storage, or with a trusted friend or family member while you travel.

Class C RV

Keep in mind you are now a full time RVer, so you don’t have to rush from one site to another. You can now take your time and enjoy life. So, go slow and don’t feel the need to rush down the highway. There is no rule that says you have to cover any certain amount of miles in one day when you are a full time RVer.

We hope that you enjoy your life on the road and stop to see as many wonders of the world as you can. Eat at all the most amazing places, and shop at the most fabulous stores.


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