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DIY on keeping unwanted Mice out of your Camper

Susan J

How do you keep unwanted pests out of your camper? What safe methods have you found that really work? As you know, mice can get into the tiniest of openings and cause the biggest issues in your camper. Often, blocking a mouse hole does not keep them from finding another point of entry.


There are many DIY suggestions floating around about how to keep mice and other pests out of your camper. Here are a few of those suggestions:

Keeping your camper clutter free and clean from crumbs can help deter mice from taking up residence in your camper. Mice like to have a place to hide out. It is not always easy when you are full time campers to keep things clutter free. We get that! There is only so much space available in a camper, and nobody wants to share that space with a rodent.

Many people swear by the good old-fashioned moth ball treatment. Simply put a few moth balls behind couches and under your counters or wherever a mouse would travel. The smell will keep the mice from crossing that path. The down side to that treatment is the smell may not be the ideal smell you want in your camper.

Another alternative DIY for keeping mice out is to use dryer sheets. Again, the smell will distract the mice from the area and give your camper a nice fresh smell. This could be a costly treatment though since you would need to replace the dryer sheets often, at least every 2 weeks.

It is also suggested that Irish Spring soap will keep your camper free of mice. Cutting up a few bars of soap and setting the pieces in random areas of your camper can give you an Irish Spring scent with the peace of mind of knowing you are running off the mice. There is just something about a fresh, clean smell that a mouse does not like.

If you continue to have unwanted visitors in your camper, then you may have to seek other safe alternatives, such as traps or sticky pads. With the use of the traps and pads, you could possibly remove and relocate the rodent to another area without any harm.  Professional services are also available, although those can become costly.

Last but not least, covering your camper can be a big help in keeping mice and other rodents from hibernating in your camper. A camper cover will not only provide protection from nature’s rodents, but it also protects against all-weather elements. A cover helps to keep your home away from home protected, clean, safe and rodent free.

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