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Pop Up Campers

Susan J

Pop up campers are a type of RV that can fold up for transport or storage and fold out for camping.  They are made from a trailer frame, a hard roof, and soft walls that collapse.  These are generally made of canvas or a similar material.  For this reason they are also called tent trailers.  Despite their smaller size, they often have many of the same amenities that much larger RVs would have such as water tanks, stove tops, refrigerators, water heaters and pumps, beds, and storage cabinets to name a few.  The largest pop up campers even have toilets and showers.  Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of RV.


There are many advantages to pop up campers.  First of all is their cost, they are generally the most affordable of the RVs.  Most pop ups will cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000, but can be more depending on what features you want.  They are great for people who want to try RV-ing but who are not sure if they want to buy a more expensive type of RV at first.  Another advantage is that they are the easiest RV to tow because they are among the lightest.  Pop up campers can be towed by larger cars, SUVs or most trucks.  You can set up your camper at a campsite then easily unhook your vehicle from it to visit various tourist attractions in the area.  They are great for people who like traditional tent camping because you can set it up at a campsite or even go off road and make your own campsite.  They are the best of both worlds between tent camping and RV-ing.


Pop up campers have a few disadvantages, too.  First of all, they are not as luxurious as some other types of RVs and may not have as many amenities.  Also, they may not have enough space for some people.  Finally, they take time to set up once you reach your campsite, usually around an hour.  They probably aren’t a good choice for full-timers or for longer trips.

In conclusion,  pop up campers are great for people new to RV-ing, people who don’t travel as much, and for people who prefer tent camping.  However they may not be the best choice for full-timers, people who need a lot of space, or for people who intend to stay for longer periods of time.

popup camper collapsed popup camper at campsite

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