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How to Set Up Your Campsite


Are you an RVing “newbie”? Maybe you’re an expert at planning your trip, and packing and towing the RV, but need a few pointers on what to do when you arrive at the RV campground. Below is a general checklist on setting up your campsite for maximum enjoyment.

Getting Into Position

When you arrive at your spot, the first thing to do is to make sure their are no obstacles or debris on your campsite.  Then make a note of which side on the RV the hookups are on and pull in, positioning them for the easiest access.  You may need to use a spotter to help you park.  If you have slide outs then make sure you are positioned to where you have room to fully extend them.

RV at Camp Site

Once In Position

Once you are happy with your RV’s positioning go ahead and engage the parking break.  If your space isn’t perfectly level use leveling blocks or stabilizing jacks to level out the RV.  If you have a towed RV disconnect the tow vehicle and stabilize the trailer hitch at this time.  Once the unit is level and stable, pull out your entry steps and your slide outs.

hooked up rv


Now you are ready to hook up your RV.  Please note that some campsites may not have hookups or may not be “full” hookup.  For the sake of this blog, let’s assuming they do. The first thing to do is to connect the power.  Plug up your power cable to the power outlet that matches your RV’s amperage.  Sometimes you may have to use an adapter.  Once you are connected switch your appliances from running off of propane to electricity.

Next hook up the water.  Always use a white potable drinking water hose for this.  Simply attach one end to your tank and the other to the campground water supply.

The last connection to make is the sewage connection.  It is probably best to wear some gloves for this.  Attach one end of the sewage hose to the sewage valve on the RV and the other end to the campground connection.  Make sure everything is secure because you will have a real bad day if the hoses pop off.  Some campgrounds require an elbow to secure the connection.A helpful tip is to prop up the hose closer to the RV side so that it slopes into the campground sewer, it just helps everything to flow easily.  There is also a product called a Slunky that will aid in helping the sewage flow downhill. Once you’ve got it set up you can leave your gray tank valve open, but you don’t want to leave your black tank open.  The contents will dry up and make it very hard to clean.  Just open the black tank if you want to dump the contents.  It also helps if you leave the gray tank closed so water can build up inside it.  It can then be used to kind of rinse the hose after you dump the black tank.

Campfire at the RV Campground


Now your RV is all set up.  The only thing left to do now is to set up the exterior how you want it.  Set up any chairs, tables, and awnings you want.  It’s also fun to have a campfire.  Just make sure you build it in a safe spot away from any debris.  If you can find some rocks you can use them as a border for your fire to make it safer.

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