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How to Measure For an RV Cover


Get the right numbers when you measure for an RV cover

A lot of folks get anxious when they find out they’ll have to measure for an RV cover before they can place an order for their RV cover. Don’t worry! Getting the right dimensions isn’t difficult.

 Before getting started, you’ll need a tape measure, a pen & paper (to write your measurements on) and possibly someone to hold the other end of the measuring tape as you start measuring.

Step by step: how to measure for an RV cover

Got your measuring tape, pen, pad and your helper? Great! Let’s get started:

Step 1: Measure Your RV From Bumper to Bumper

Measure the length of the RV from bumper to bumper. If anything sticks out past the bumpers, be sure to make a note of what it is and how far it sticks out (for instance: a ladder sticks out past the back bumper by 8.5 inches, spare tire on back bumper – 18 inches, etc). However, do not include the hitches in your measurements.

 Step 2: Measure the Height of Your RV

 Measure the height of your RV from the top of the outside roof to the bottom of the frame. Do NOT measure all the way to the ground! You do not have to include the air conditioner because most covers are made to accommodate AC units.

 Step 3: Measure the Width of Your RV

Now simply measure the width of the RV from side to side.

You’re done! Give a high-5 to your partner.

Again, be sure to write all of your measurements down as you go. If your measurements show that you’re in between two cover sizes, get the size that is a little bigger or you can order a custom cover, such as our ADCO or Covercraft custom RV covers that will fit your RV like a glove!

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