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How to Choose An RV Campground

Susan J

Trying to figure out how to choose an RV campground? This should help...

There are many things to consider when you’re trying to choose an RV campground for a trip. Each type of campground has a different designation, and if you don’t know what each designation means, you could end up choosing a spot that turns your idyllic family vacation into something resembling a National Lampoon adventure.

 The main differences between each designated type of campground is what kind of amenities and accommodations they offer.

RV Parked in the Woods

Dry Camping vs. Primitive Camping vs. Full Hookup

Here’s the order of RV camping designations listed in order of most to least number of amenities offered:

  1. Dry Camping – Dry camping means that the park offers no hookups or utilities for your RV.  You basically just take your RV to the site and camp in it. This is good for people who like camping with just the basics.

  2. Primitive – Primitive is a step up from dry camping. Primitive campgrounds don’t have any hookups, but do have a water source. Showers may also be available. One step up from this is a campground that also offers electricity.

  3. Full Hookup – A campground with full hookup offers sewer, electricity, and water at the site. Some may even offer WiFi.  This is good for people who don’t like the bare bones approach of dry camping or who plan to stay at a destination for a longer period of time.

 Once you have an idea of what type of RV camping you want to do, you can search the internet for the RV campgrounds with the right designation for you. There are many RV club websites and RV camping directories on the web (like this one from Woodall’s) to help you find what you’re looking for.

Campfire at the RV Campground

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