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How to Care for Your RV’s Roof


Many times RV owners forget to take proper care of their RV’s roof.  Generally you should try to clean your roof at least four times a year.  You should also check all the seals around all the openings and seams after cleaning.  Doing this can help you to prevent leaks and water damage.  Here are some tips to help you keep your roof in top condition.

On top on an RV

Most RVs these days come with a rubber roof so that is what the majority of these tips will apply to, but they should also work for vinyl.  These are very general tips and if you are unsure, you can always refer to your owners manual to see how the manufacturer recommends you clean and seal it.  Before you climb on the roof you should remember to be safe.  Most RV roofs are not designed to be walked on.  You can use some pieces plywood or particle board to help distribute your weight.  Remember to walk with a light step and be careful not to fall off,  you definitely don’t want to damage your RV, or even worse, yourself!


First of all, you should never use any cleaners containing petroleum solvents, abrasives, or citrus because they can damage the roof.  Most manufacturers recommend a medium bristle brush and non abrasive cleaners.  For everyday cleaning, you can just use some dish detergent.  Just mix some in a bucket of water, scrub the roof with a brush, then rinse off.  For a more thorough cleaning, you can find a product made for your specific roof type. After you clean and rinse off your roof, remember to rinse off the sides of the RV as well.  If the cleaner dries on the sides it can cause streaks and sometimes can even damage the paint.

Cleaning an RV roof


Once the roof is nice and clean you should take the opportunity to inspect it.  Check the seals around any openings to make sure they aren’t degrading.  Also check for any weak seams or any damage to the RV’s roof.  If you find that repairs are needed, you can check your manual or an RV dealer to find a sealant that works with your roof type and then repair any damage.

Once your roof is clean and any damage fixed you will want to keep it that way.  An RV cover can protect it from the elements and help prevent wear when you are not traveling.  It can also keep your RV clean!  If you would like to view our selection of covers, you can check out our website at //  I hope this post will help you keep your roof in top shape!

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