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Washing an RV and RV Cover

Susan J

Washing an RV can be an imposing task, yet with the right technique it doesn’t have to be that painful.  Your RV cover may also get dirty over time so this article will describe some ways to clean your cover as well.

Washing an RV

Washing the RV

You will need a long-handled brush, a bucket, car or RV wash, water hose, and lots of elbow grease! Basically, you wash an RV like you would wash your vehicle—just on a much larger scale. We start on the roof, washing from front to back and making sure to rinse well. The front of the unit is usually the toughest part to get clean. It catches all the bugs and road debris so consider using a bug remover on heavily soiled areas. Washing the sides and back of the unit shouldn’t present much of a problem. Just make sure to wash from top to bottom, taking care to rinse away all soapy residues.  Afterwards you can try to use a cloth to dry or just let the RV air dry.

Covered RV

Washing the RV Cover

You should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when washing an RV cover, if possible. They may recommend a specific type of washing or cleaning method. If you don’t have those, you can use these as a guideline.

An RV cover is naturally a large and heavy piece of material, and it can be awkward to wash. For this reason, many people leave their covers on the RV and simply hose off the outside, and then the interior by turning it inside out. The best place to allow the cover to dry is on the RV. All of our covers are breathable so the cover will air dry while it’s on the unit.

The next easiest way to wash it is with a clothes line.  Put warm water in a bucket (mild soap can be used ONLY if the cover manufacturer specifies the type of soap).  Rinse the cover with a hose, and use a soft brush to scrub over the cover lightly with the warm water. Finally, rinse the cover and allow it to air dry.  Once it is dry, you can put in its storage bag or put it on your freshly cleaned RV to keep it clean!

If you don’t have an RV cover, you will need one after you finish washing your RV to ensure that it stays nice and shiny after its wash! Check out the covers we offer here:


If you have questions, or would like to order a cover, give us a call. We’ll give you 10% off if you mention this blog post! Our toll free number is 1-866-626-8377 and we are in the office from 9-5 Eastern Time.

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