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Sleeping Better in Your RV

Susan J

Experts recommend adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but when you’re sleeping in an RV that can be tough to do. Sleeping better in your RV might be next to impossible if you’re naturally a light sleeper but there are a few ways to make your nights more restful.

Evaluate the Mattress Situation

As soon as you spend the first night in your RV, you may have already realized that it just doesn’t quite feel like home. Chances are your RV-sized mattress is to blame. They are generally shorter and more firm than a standard mattress. You have a couple of options here—replace the RV mattress with a regular sized mattress or purchase a quality mattress topper or sleep in the floor (which I personally do not recommend).

Wear Yourself Out

Take a hike through the woods or even around the campground. No, I don’t mean try to climb Kilimanjaro in a few hours, but the more active you can stay during the day, the more soundly you’ll sleep at night. Hey, it works for toddlers and it will work for you, too! Just be sure to take some time to wind down after your active day. Sit by the campfire. Listen to the crickets chirping. Read something boring. This is time to be quiet and let your body get into a restful state.

Home Away From Home

Bring along sleep essentials or things that remind you of home such as earplugs, sleep mask, cozy blanket, and definitely bring your own pillow. Some folks even suggest bringing a sound machine like the ones found HERE to drown out background noises. This can also be accomplished by using a small fan, especially if you’re used to sleeping with one on when you’re at home. The “hum” of the fan tends to mask other noises that might disturb your sleep. By having familiar things around, you get a feeling of security.

Hopefully you’ve gained some useful insight from this blog about how to get a better night’s sleep while RVing. Try one or all of these ideas and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

Once you’ve decided to invest in a top of the line model or update your existing camper, you will also want to protect the camper itself so it can continue to be a “restful place” for many years to come! Check out our full line of RV covers by ADCO and Carver. We offer covers that will encompass the whole unit or covers that go on the roof only. Give us a call at 1-800-925-8602 to discuss which cover will work best for your needs!

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