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Truck Camper RV Cover by ADCO

Need to cover your Truck Camper?

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to provide shelter for your RV and keep it out of the elements most of the year, dust and dirt particles, as well as accidental dings and scratches, can alter the appearance of your truck camper's surface. With an ADCO SFS Aquashed cover, you can help preserve the finish of your slide-in camper and avoid much of the wear and tear that occurs over time.

The best way to choose the correct size cover is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want covered. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a cover which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.

ADCO Gray SFS AquaShed

$300 to $330 $270 to $297 10% discount!
2year warranty
ADCO Gray SFS AquaShed
ADCO Gray SFS AquaShedCinchClaspCornerTensioning
  • Triple-layer SFS AquaShed® top panel + triple-layer two-tone polypropylene sides
  • Maximum resistance to high humidity & rainfall
  • Protection against harmful UV rays
  • Beads water on contact
  • Ensures maximum breathability
  • Zipper entry panels for easy access during storage*
  • Front & rear cinching system removes slack**
  • Bottom mounted strap/buckle system prevents loss to the wind
  • Weighted tie down assist for easy installation underneath the coach
  • Reinforced front corners resist snags & tears
  • Moderate climates + short term storage

*Not available for hi-lo or popup/folding camper

**Not available for hi-lo, popup camper, or truck camper

Will Fit:

What You Can Expect from an ADCO RV Cover

For best results, slide the easy-to-install SFS Aquashed, with its breathable polypropylene side panels and highly water repellent triple layer top, onto your truck camper any time that you are not using it. Allow our durable cover to take on environmental abuse so that your truck camper doesn't have to. ADCO, the oldest protective cover company in North America, has covered all of the basics needed to protect any RV. Not satisfied with the basics, ADCO has taken RV protection several steps further, with vinyl reinforced front corners to protect the cover from wear, zipper entry doors for easy access while the unit is covered, and a front and rear cinching system to provide a snug, nice looking fit. With prices starting at $250, you won't find a better value in RV covers for your truck camper.

Each SFS Aquashed cover features:

  • Front corners are reinforced with vinyl to reduce wear
  • Nylon straps and durable plastic buckles for strapping the cover down
  • Zipper entry
  • Cinching system to remove any slack
  • 2 year warranty