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Travel Trailer RV Covers

Your travel trailer is a showpiece-sleek sides, new rubber, fresh paint, and all the trimmings. Keep it protected.

The best way to choose the correct size cover is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want covered. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a cover which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.

Best Selling Product ADCO Two-Tone Designer SFS AquaShed®

$222 to $330 $199 to $297 10% discount!
2year warranty
ADCO Two-Tone Designer SFS AquaShed<sup>&reg;</sup>
ADCO Two-Tone Designer SFS AquaShed<sup>&reg;</sup>ClaspCinching systemNylon woven strapsBuilt-in ventsClimate Map
  • Will Fit:

RV Length
3year warranty
ADCO Two-Tone Tyvek Wind + <strong>Free</strong> Tire Covers
ADCO Two-Tone Tyvek Wind + <strong>Free</strong> Tire CoversFront and rear cinchingReinforced cornersNylon woven straps and elastic hem sewn into front and backBuilt-in ventsClimate Map
  • Will Fit:

RV Length
2year warranty
Storage Lot Cover - 4 Layer Polypropylene
Storage Lot Cover - 4 Layer PolypropyleneFabric LayersCinching SystemCAM BuckleVent CloseupClimate Map
  • Will Fit:

RV Length

Most Durable, Best Warranty Carver Gray 8oz. Performance Poly-Guard®

Designed for Travel Trailers
$553 to $828 $498 to $745 10% discount!
5year warranty
Carver Gray 8oz. Performance Poly-Guard<sup>&reg;</sup>
Carver Gray 8oz. Performance Poly-Guard<sup>&reg;</sup>Carver SeamsZipper detailZippered access from passenger side of RVStrap + elastic detailClimate Map
  • Will Fit:

    Width: 102"

    Height/Side Wall: up to 108"

RV Length

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Should I choose Carver or ADCO?

You can't go wrong with either manufacturer. If you choose a Carver RV cover, you get a product with a 5 year warranty made by a SC-based manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in cover construction. If you choose ADCO, you get your choice of a uniquely designed cover with a pleasing appearance, the Tyvek Designer Series with a 3-year warranty, or the more economical SFS Aquashed which is warrantied for 2 years. ADCO has been in business since the 50s, and they know covers.

ADCO Covers

ADCO Products Presented by RV Covers Direct

ADCO Tyvek Plus Wind Series Features

  • Starting at $321.98
  • Water resistant larger Tyvek roof panel provides maximum protection from UV
  • Includes cinching system in front and rear along with strap and buckle system for a snug fit
  • Cover is reinforced and elasticized at corners
  • Vents allow cover to breath and prevent mold and mildew
  • Zippered panels allow access even when RV is in storage
  • Comes with free tyre gards
  • 3 Year warranty

ADCO SFS Aquashed Features

Carver Covers

Carver Travel Trailer RV Cover Features

  • Starting at $497.99
  • Inherently UV, mildew and water resistant 8 oz. Polyester fabric
  • Made in the USA specifically for RV use
  • Marine-grade, anti-wick threads strong enough for extended outdoor use
  • Heavy-duty double pull zippers
  • FREE reinforcement kit, storage bag, and straps
  • 5 year warranty
  • Shop by selecting your RV's dimensions, or search by by make, model, and year.

Carver Installation presented by RV Covers Direct

How do I measure my Travel Trailer?

Carver covers are made to accommodate air conditioners and ladders. Using a tape measure, measure the unit from the front to the back, including the bumpers, in the best imaginary straight line that you can. If you decide to go with the dimensions listed in your manufacturer specification sheet instead, it is important to consider whether or not the tongue length is included in the length listed. If the model number of your travel trailer is different from the length listed in the specs, it is likely that the tongue is added to the length. Take 3’ away from the length on the specification sheet in order to determine the size of travel trailer cover that you need.

To measure for an ADCO cover, include the bumpers, ladder, and spare tire. ADCO covers are made with an allowance for roof top air conditioners.

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From advanced technology to guarantee your security during transactions on our website to getting your cover to you quickly once it is ordered, has spent over ten years perfecting the art of selling RV Covers. To us, supplying covers IS an art—we want your Travel Trailer to look good while it’s covered, and we want every part of your transaction to flow smoothly. We deliver a cover that will last, from manufacturers that we trust. We want you to be as happy with as we are that you have chosen us to serve your cover needs.