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Hi-Lo Trailer Covers

Select a length to help us find the best fit for you.

Step 1

To find the length to best fit your RV, measure from front to back, including bumpers, ladders, or any a/c or gas tank on the back.

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SFS AquaShed

Designed For Hi-Lo Style

$191 to $213
SFS AquaShed

Material Stat Rankings

Sun Resistance:
Rain Resistance:
Snow Resistance:
2year warranty


Don't let UV damage and moisture damage the look of your Hi-Lo Trailer. Get the ADCO SFS AquaShed Hi-Lo Trailer Cover for the best All-Weather protection. Whether you're storing your trailer in the sun or snow, you can have peace of mind knowing your camper is shielded from the elements.

The best way to choose the correct size cover is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want covered. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a cover which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.

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ADCO's SFS Aquashed Material

Covering your RV shouldn't be a hassle, just something that you do to protect your investment. SFS Aquashed material by ADCO is designed to be lightweight and easy to put on your Hi-Lo travel trailer. Contoured to fit the curves of your RV and made from high performance polypropylene, this cover is especially good for use in windy or dusty climates. To measure the length of your unit, include your bumpers and spare tire, but exclude the hitch for a proper fit.

Shop ADCO SFS Aquashed by selecting your RV's length, width, and height.

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