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Class B RV Covers for Camper Vans

Select a length to help us find the best fit for you.

Step 1

To find the length to best fit your RV, measure from front to back, including bumpers, ladders, or any a/c or gas tank on the back.

Step 2

SFS AquaShed

Designed For Class B Van

$150 to $193
SFS AquaShed

Material Stat Rankings

Sun Resistance:
Rain Resistance:
Snow Resistance:
2year warranty


Class B Motorhomes bridge the gap between city streets and cross country adventures. Using a Class B RV Cover when storing your camper van will help protect it from damage caused by UV rays, rain, and snow. We offer ADCO SFS AquaShed along with Classic Accessories PermaPRO cover for all weather protection.

The best way to choose the correct size is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want protected. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a product which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.

Class B RV Campervan on the Roadside

About Classic

Classic Accessories has offered exceptional products since 1983. They have expanded from a small basement company to a large business that ships nationwide every day. They ensure that you have the most stylish and efficient product on the market.


  • PermaPRO ripstop is 100% woven polyester for excellent tear resistance.
  • Protection against rain, UV rays, dirt and dust.
  • Extra-long zippered access panels with air vents.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

About ADCO

ADCO Products has 50 plus years of experience manufacturing protective RV products, making them the oldest protective cover company in North America. ADCO is also a family owned business, and they take pride in every item shipped from any of their facilities worldwide.

ADCO Designer Series and Accessories

ADCO SFS AquaShed Series

  • Triple-layer polypropylene material for extreme protection that beads water on contact.
  • Breathable to allow moisture to evaporate
  • Zippered Entry panels for easy access
  • 2-year warranty

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We stock the finest quality materials from leading manufacturers like Classic Accessories and ADCO. Our products are strong, durable, and built to last. Whether you have a Roadtrek, Winnebago, or Pleasure Way, we can protect your Class B RV in the off season.

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