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Gulfstream Covers by Carver

Since 1983, Gulfsteam has prided themselves on manufacturing quality RVs that are a great value. Designed for ease of maintenance and service, Gulstream RVs are built to last.

Choose a cover from RV Covers Direct®. We have two cover suppliers, Carver and ADCO, that focus on quality and on offering an excellent value for your money.


Located in Valencia, CA, ADCO is a family-owned company that has been building RV covers since 1953. ADCO understands the type of materials that should be used to make an RV cover long-lasting and easy to handle. Choose from Designer SFS Aquashed or Designer Tyvek, both of which now feature a pleasing new design that looks very much like many RVs on the road today.


For over 30 years, Carver has been making protective covers in Landrum, SC. Carver covers are made from 100% woven polyester, making them much strong than other competitors that use non-woven polypropylene. Each Carver cover comes with a storage bag, heavy-duty tie down kit, and reinforcement material for padding any sharp edges. To find your Carver cover, choose your model below or search by size and style.

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8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard RV Covers

Carver RV Covers are made from quality materials right here in the USA, in Landrum, SC. Their covers offer your unit protection from elements such as intense sun, rain, and snow. Their Performance Polyguard material is 100% true loom woven marine grade polyester. This material is soft and very easy to handle, weighing about 8 oz per square yard. It offers an extremely high tensile strength meaning it is very tear resistant. This material is many times better than the standard non woven materials which are most common today in the cover industry. Carver RV covers come with a money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 5 year warranty.

*Asteriks indicate features that do not apply to Class B RVs and Pop Up Trailers (Zippers, Cincher Systems and Straps)

Do you take your golf cart with you to the campground? 

If you’re like many of our other customers, you need a cover to protect your golf cart when you’re not riding.  We offer 2 and 4 seater covers, all made by Carver Industries in the USA.  Call us for a special deal if you purchase both your RV cover and golf cart cover at the same time.  How does 10% off both and free shipping sound?

2 Seater Golf-Cart Cover

Once you've chosen your cover, keep in mind that we offer other protective accessories such as tyre gards, windshield covers, a/c covers, and even propane tank covers.

Carver Double Axle CoverWindshield CoverA/C CoverPropane Tank Cover