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Dynamax Covers by Carver

As the owner of a Dynamax, you appreciate a sleek design and attention to detail. You should invest in a cover that is made with the same ideals in mind.

RV Covers Direct® offers two brands of covers, Carver and ADCOADCO covers are available in Designer SFS Aquashed and Designer Tyvek.  The Designer series of RV covers features a design reminiscent of the designs on the side of many RVs on the road today.

Carver covers come standard with a 5 year warranty.  Storing your RV in an extremely sunny environment?  Choose Carver for a longer lasting cover.

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8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard RV Covers

Carver RV Covers are made from quality materials right here in the USA, in Landrum, SC. Their covers offer your unit protection from elements such as intense sun, rain, and snow. Their Performance Polyguard material is 100% true loom woven marine grade polyester. This material is soft and very easy to handle, weighing about 8 oz per square yard. It offers an extremely high tensile strength meaning it is very tear resistant. This material is many times better than the standard non woven materials which are most common today in the cover industry. Carver RV covers come with a money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 5 year warranty.

*Asteriks indicate features that do not apply to Class B RVs and Pop Up Trailers (Zippers, Cincher Systems and Straps)