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Winnebago Covers

Protect your Winnebago in style with an ADCO RV Cover from CoversDirect! If you own a Winnebago, you know how important it is to preserve it. Why not protect your unit the way it was meant to be protected, with an iconic Winnebago RV cover? These covers feature the "flying W", "eyebrows" and retro graphics that will make your unit recognizable as a Winnebago at once.

Our Winnebago covers are heavy duty and designed to withstand high winds, intense sun, and hard rains. They are made to be used for both long and short term storage. All covers include a front strapping system which can be utilized to pull tight any extra material so the cover stays snug to your vehicle, minimizing wind impact. These covers are both highly water repellent and breathable, so if moisture makes its way underneath, it will be allowed to escape. The covers are made with zippered door access on the passenger side in multiple locations, so you are sure to have a door where you need one.

Made with reinforced corners to resist wear and tear, the covers also include a ladder cap which is made to fit over top of your ladder so the cover does not wear prematurely in that area. Straps and buckles come sewn into the cover, allowing you to secure it to your vehicle. Using the included cinching system and tie down straps will work to create a contoured fit and ensure that your cover is not allowed to shift in high winds. A storage bag is included to stow your cover when it is not in use. This cover has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Don't have a Winnebago but wish you did? Cover your RV with a Winnebago cover, and no one will be the wiser! These covers are patterned to fit all popular Winnebago and non-Winnebago vehicles.

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