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ADCO Truck Camper Covers

Select a length to help us find the best fit for you.

Step 1

To find the length to best fit your RV, measure from front to back, including bumpers, ladders, or any a/c or gas tank on the back.

Step 2

SFS AquaShed

Designed For Truck Camper

$224 to $248
SFS AquaShed

Material Stat Rankings

Sun Resistance:
Rain Resistance:
Snow Resistance:
2year warranty


You’re looking for a cover for your truck camper, and you’ve taken the correct first step by finding RV Covers Direct® online. We stock truck camper covers by ADCO, the oldest protective cover company in America. Each of our truck camper covers comes standard with a 2 year warranty. ADCO has taken care to include all of the features you need, including vinyl reinforced front corners, front and rear cinching system, and attached nylon straps and buckles. Not only do you get a great looking cover, you get a cover that functions as you expect to protect your truck camper from dust and debris.  Order today before 3 pm eastern time, and we’ll ship your cover today.

The best way to choose the correct size cover is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want covered. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a cover which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.