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Windshield Covers

Windshield Cover


Windshield covers are designed to protect your RV's interior from harsh UV rays. They also offer privacy and will aid in reducing the temperature inside your unit. When you're ready to escape the heat, you can get into your cool and shaded RV! A windshield cover is a great investment to put into your RV and will more than pay for itself over time.

In addition to the privacy and cooling effect, the cover will offer protection to the interior of your unit by reducing fading. This helps preserve the value of your RV. If you are going to be parking your unit outside for an extended period of time, a windshield cover would be a great idea. Windshield covers (made by ADCO) come in the color Polar White. These covers are made to secure quickly and easily with magnetic fasteners and sewn in door pockets. They include anti theft tabs for security. Class C windshield covers come with a 3 year warranty.

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