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Tyre Gards

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We offer Tyre Gards for single axle, double axle, and triple axle designs. The single axle Tyre Gards are sold in pairs. Our Tyre Gards come in polar white, black, camo, and diamond plated steel designs.

ADCO Tyre Gards

Aging RV tires pose dangers such as blowouts that can cause large scale damage to your unit. To keep your tires in top condition, there are many things you can do to protect them such as ensuring they are always properly inflated, not letting your RV sit for long periods without moving it, and keeping your tires off surfaces that can absorb heat. In addition, keeping your tires covered and out of the sunlight will make a world of difference in their longevity.

Tyre Gards are a great way to protect your tires from the elements while your RV is in storage. Over time, ultraviolet light from the sun can cause your tires to crack. Tyre Gards protect your tires from these harmful rays and help to prevent premature cracking of the sidewalls. They also keep your tires clean for when you are ready to hit the road again.

Tyre gards are made by ADCO out of a heavy flannel backed vinyl. In addition to protecting from the sun's damaging rays, the covers are also highly water repellent. Our Tyre Gards feature overlapping seams, double-needle stitching and reinforced grommets. They also come with a bungee ball locking system that eliminates loss from wind and makes for a smooth and tailored look.