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Double 30, 7.5 Gallon Capacity, by ADCO

If you’ve purchased an RV, chances are you want to protect it with a quality cover. There’s no reason you shouldn’t do the same for its accessories- namely, the propane tank.

This is a propane tank cover made to fit a 7.5 gallon tank with double bottles. It will work for tanks made by a range of manufacturers such as Worthington and Manchester. (ADCO product number 2113)


Propane Tank Cover

Propane Tank Cover


Protect propane bottles while in storage with this deluxe heavy-duty vinyl cover. Molded nylon zipper combined with a pressed wood top creates a more rugged and weatherproof cover (wood top not available on single model nor is it required to hold shape). Hollow bead welt cord and elastic shock cord provide a longer life and a neat tailored fit.

  • Zipper access to valves
  • Helps protect your tank from the elements.

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Polar White

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Game Creek "Oaks" Camouflage

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Diamond Plated Steel

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Why You Should Cover your Propane Tank

Just like anything that sits out in the elements, propane tanks can be prematurely damaged by nature’s elements. It’s common to see propane tanks that have been faded and discolored by the brutal sun, or allowed to rust from over exposure to rain and weathering. If you want to keep your propane tank looking new, the solution is simple- cover it.

About ADCO

When choosing a cover for your propane tank, a few things to consider are being able to still access your valves easily, and choosing a cover that will last. ADCO products takes both of these very seriously, and they should- they’ve been making covers since 1955. Their covers feature a zippered lid which allows you easy access to the tanks valves. If you’ve ever had a tank cover that had to be removed to gain access to the valves, you know how important this aspect of the cover is. ADCO’s tank covers are also guaranteed to last, with an industry leading 3 year warranty. Constructed from high grade flannel backed vinyl, the covers are white in color- complementing the majority of RV’s color schemes. A rigid wooden top ensures the cover will hold its shape nicely over the years. The cover will snug to the tank neatly with the stretchy shock cord which is sewn into its hem.