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Why Should I Use a Cover When Storing My RV?

Readying an RV for storage takes time and effort. Storing your RV requires maintenance to ensure that you are not faced with unexpected problems when you take your next trip. The various systems must be checked, drained, flushed and refilled with appropriate cold weather friendly fluids. The inside of your RV should be cleaned and all food removed. Check out our Related Links Page for links to web sites with detailed lists of tips on readying your RV for storage.

The outside of your RV should be washed and waxed. This is a good time to inspect the outside for damage and wear. Then your RV should be covered to protect from the effects of weather, air pollution, acid rain, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap. Covering your RV will protect the finish and keep it looking new for a longer time. Maintaining the appearance of your RV is important in protecting the investment you have made in purchasing an RV. The cover you choose should be breathable to prevent possible mold and mildew occurring from condensation buildup. Your cover should fit your RV so that it will not rub the finish when the wind is blowing.