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What materials do you offer for covering my RV?

RV Covers Direct® offers Carver covers that are woven from strong polyester yarn. This makes the covers breathable which is essential to prevent the buildup of excess moisture. The fabric is treated with a finish that makes it water repellent and inhibits UV and mildew damage. Protect your RV for years with a high quality, great fitting cover made in the USA by Carver Industries.

RV Covers Direct® is proud to offer ADCO covers in a choice of custom-fit or contour-fit covers.

Custom-fit covers come in a choice of Tyvek, SFS AquaShed, and Sunbrella materials. When you desire the best fit and highest quality protective cover, choose a custom fit cover. It will be fabricated to fit your RV perfectly.

Custom Sunbrella comes with a 5 year warranty and is the premier name in durable long life outdoor fabrics. The fiber is extruded, meaning that the sun, wind, or rain will not diminish the color intensity. Sunbrella resists moisture, mildew, won't harden or crack, and is the absolute top-of-the-line fabric. It is great for all intense climates.

Custom Tyvek covers come with a 4 year warranty and is available in gray or white. Tyvek is great for intense sunshine, moisture, and UV rays. Tyvek covers feature high performance polypropylene sides and a Tyvek top panel that will province maximum protection against the sun's damaging RV rays.

SFS Aquashed offers optimum protection from rainfall, and it is great for all northern states and Canada. The triple layer SFS Aquashed top panel beads water on contact while the polypropylene sides offer maximum breathability to virtually eliminate mold and mildew. Custom SFS Aquashed comes with a 3 year warranty, and is available in light gray.

Contour-fit ADCO covers comes in Tyvek and SFS Aquashed.  Both come standard with 2 year warranties and offer the great features outlined in the custom cover material section above. If you want to protect your investment with a durable universal-fit RV cover, look no further than contour-fit covers. With all sizes in stock and ready to ship immediately, you get your cover quickly.

Covercraft Industries Custom covers feature three materials, Ultra'tect, Sunbrella, and Weathershield HD. All of the fabrics are solution-dyed.

Ultra'tect offers a 4 year warranty. It was developed out of the need for a cover that would retain its color and strength in severe outdoor exposure and provide a beautiful, rich appearance while offering a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price. It offers superior shape retention and water shedding capabilities.

Sunbrella is the ultimate for intense sun environments, like Arizona and other areas of the sunbelts, where UV rays will rapidly degrade paints and interiors. It comes with a 5 year, full warranty. For long-lasting strength, fade resistance, water resistance, and rot and mildew resistance, choose Sunbrella.

Weathershield HD, with its 5 year warranty, was developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage. It provides UV opacity, repels water, blocks dust, tree sap and bird droppings, and is still breathable to allow moisture and heat to escape from under the cover. The strong base material is woven by Glen Raven Mills using solution-dyed UV resistant polyester fibers. The superior base fabric is then finished with a patented immersion encapsulation process. A specially formulated finish is placed inside the fabric to bond to each individual thread and fill the valleys between the woven fibers. These special formulas have amazing elasticity to block moisture and dirt while still maintaining breathability of the fabric.