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What's the difference between RV cover styles?

Not sure which type of RV cover you need? Let us here at RV Covers Direct® help you choose from all of these options!

Covercraft and ADCO manufacture Custom Fit RV covers for many styles and sizes of RV’s. All of our Covercraft custom covers will include tie-down grommets, elasticized hems in the front and rear, and they are available with a zippered door entry to make your RV accessible while covered. ADCO Custom RV covers are tailored for your RV’s class type and dimensions. These Custom covers will provide you the snuggest fit possible. The covers are offered in various materials, including Sunbrella. Custom fit RV covers are warrantied for a period of 3-5 years, depending on material. In many cases, the manufacturer will need some dimensions on your unit to ensure a perfect custom fit.

Carver makes Styled to Fit RV covers that are made specifically for your style and size of unit. You should always measure your RV (down to the inch) rather than relying on specifications from the manufacturer, as they can list their measurements differently. Carvers RV covers are all warrantied for 5 years. They are made from a true loom woven, marine grade polyester, which is extremely strong. Carvers products are all Made here in the USA, in Landrum, SC. All of our Carver RV covers include a matching storage bag and straps to secure the cover to your RV.

In addition to the Custom Fit cover we offer by ADCO products, we also sell their Contour-Fit RV covers. These covers are contoured to fit the style of your unit, and they come in different sizes. These covers are offered in Tyvek and Aquashed materials. Contour Fit RV covers are warrantied for 2 years.

For more information about the types of covers offered, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose the cover that is best for your needs. We also offer discounted covers! Give us a call to see if one is offered for your unit.