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Washing your RV

The thought of washing our RV sure does depress me.  Don’t get me wrong—I like to look in the rear-view and see our 5th Wheel sparkling behind us. I just dread the task of making it look that way! I find that I repeatedly remind myself that all the hard work will be worth it.

There are a few options to get that RV looking like new again. RV washing services will handle this chore for you! Many RV service locations offer this type of service as do many truck washes. There are also specialized mobile RV washers that will come to you to do your dirty work.

Then there’s the “do it yourself” way. All it really takes for this method is a long-handled (extendable) brush, a bucket, car or RV wash, water hose, and lots of elbow grease! This can be done in your own yard but some car washes have bays that will accommodate an RV. Basically, you wash an RV like you would wash your vehicle—just on a much larger scale. We start on the roof, washing from front to back and making sure to rinse well. The front of the unit is usually the toughest part to get clean. It catches all the bugs and road debris so consider using a bug remover on heavily soiled areas. Washing the sides and back of the unit shouldn’t be eventful. Just make sure to wash from top to bottom, taking care to rinse away all soapy residues. We always fully extend our awning and wash the underside first. This can be the messiest and toughest step involved. I usually do this in sections so my arms don’t fall off. After the underside of the awning is cleaned, lower the side arms of the awning and wash the top of the awnings. At this point, I would advise going over the entire RV with a cloth to dry it or just let it dry on its own.

Once you are finished, you can sit back and enjoy your super-clean, back-to-new RV!