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Using Your RV During the Winter Months

If you plan on using your RV in the winter, especially during freezing temperatures, there are a few steps you can take to protect your unit from the elements.

The main thing you will want to do is add more insulation to your unit to aid in holding the heat. You can remove the inner fixtures and add insulation wherever it is lacking. Keeping the water tanks and hoses from freezing is a major concern. You should wrap all hoses and pipes in insulation and secure them with electrical tape. Electrical heat tape can also come in handy for this. Adding a skirt to the RV will help to prevent the tanks from freezing. You can also use heaters to keep them from freezing as well. Be sure to keep the black and gray water valves closed until you are ready to dump as you dont want ice to build up in your pipes. It is a good idea to keep a few gallons of extra water just in case the lines do freeze.

Condensation is also a concern. Condensation can form on the walls and ceiling and then freeze when it gets cold enough. Thermopane windows can help protect against this. Also, a dehumidifier will aid in keeping moisture levels down inside the unit.

Finally, when you get to your campsite, you should always park your RV on a hard surface. Pavement or blocks are good options. You dont want to park it on the ground because of concerns with the RV sinking.

We hope this article helps to make your next trip enjoyable. If you dont plan on RV-ing this winter, you can view our tips on winterizing your RV so you can keep it protected until Spring!