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Tips for Going Green in an RV

Many tips for going green in your home can also apply to RV-ing. However, green RV-ing also creates a few of its own unique challenges.

Probably the biggest challenge is saving power. In order to use electronic devices in your RV you have to run a gasoline powered generator, which creates air pollution. A couple of solar panels on the roof of your RV can eliminate up to 90% of generator use, which means far less pollution. Although solar panels are expensive at first, they will save you money in the long run, and are more friendly to the environment.

If solar panels are too expensive, another option is to convert your generator to propane. Propane is cleaner burning than gasoline and therefore creates less emissions. You can get kits to do this at most RV parts stores. A propane catalytic heater can also save power. It uses no electricity and saves additional battery power.

Some other ways to save power include switching the incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, which use far less power. Also, something as simple as turning off electronics when they are not being used can also save power.

There are several other ways to be green in the RV. Try to stock the kitchen with alot of natural, organic, or locally made food. Avoid waste as much as possible by trying to only cook what food will be needed and saving all of the leftovers. Also, avoid products with alot of unnecessary packaging.

Recycling is another great way to be green. Paper, plastics, cardboard, and aluminum cans can all be recycled. Because space is limited on an RV, designate a container for each recyclable. Try to crush cans, break down cardboard boxes, flatten plastic bottles, and etc to save as much space as possible. You can take everything to a recycling center once your containers are filled.

These are just a few tips for green RV-ing. You can find many more great resources on the web to help out as well.