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RV Covers- Carver VS. ADCO

RV Covers Direct® offers covers for your unit made by Carver Industries or ADCO Products. You may ask which you should buy, and why. Both are quality products. Read more to help decide which cover is best for your needs and conditions:

Carver RV Covers are made in the USA in Landrum, SC. These are made from a true loom woven marine grade polyester which is extremely strong. The material is still lightweight at 8 oz. per square yard. This makes it easy to handle. For all Carver RV cover purchases, a storage bag and heavy duty tie down straps are included at no cost. The covers are elasticized at the front and rear hems to keep them snug on the unit. Zippers are featured on most model covers, to allow you to access the unit while it is covered. Carver RV covers come with 5 year warranties. Many of these covers are in stock. If the cover is not in stock, it will be made per your order, and ship within 5 business days from SC.

ADCO's covers offer a more economical option while still providing a high quality RV cover. ADCO offers their RV covers in two materials, Designer Tyvek and SFS Aquashed. The Designer Tyvek cover (made by Dupont) is designed to withstand intense sun, dust, dirt, and is also water repellent. This material is best for an area which gets more intense sun than rain or snow. The SFS Aquashed material is specifically made for high water repellency and will work best in an area like the Northeast. All ADCO RV covers come with a free storage bag and straps. The covers will have reinforced corners and a front and rear cinching system to take care of any extra material. Most of ADCO's covers come with zippered side door entry. RV Covers made by ADCO come with a 3 or 2 year warranty, respectively. We stock almost all ADCO RV covers, and if for some reason we don't have yours in stock, we can have it shipped out to you quickly.

CoversDirect® offers the best of both worlds when it comes to RV covers! Go with any cover from CoversDirect® and be guaranteed quality and fit every time.