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How To Wash an RV Cover

Most RV covers come with instructions for cleaning the cover that are specific to the type of fabric ordered. If you are unsure of the proper method of cleaning for your cover type, refer to these general tips that should work on any RV cover material.

Place the cover on the ground, using plastic or some nonporous material as a base, if available,to prevent any dirt transfer from the ground to the cover. You might also place the cover on a clothes line if that is more convenient. Put warm water in a bucket (mild soap can be used ONLY if the cover manufacturer specifies the type of soap).  Rinse the cover with a hose, and use a soft brush to scrub over the cover lightly with the warm water. Finally, rinse the cover and allow it to air dry. Most RV covers come with a storage bag. When the cover is completely dry, you can fold the cover and place it into the bag for storage. Alternately, you can perform your final rinse while your cover is installed on the unit, if your cover is breathable. Because breathable covers allow water to evaporate and air to move through the cover, drying the cover on the unit is your best option.

Things you should NOT do when cleaning your cover include:

*Don't use a washer or dryer to clean your cover.  Even if your RV cover will fit, it is not possible to rinse all of even mild soap from the cover. Insufficient rinsing is the number one cause of a loss of water repellency and eventual breakdown of cover materials.
*Don't use fabric softener on your cover.
*Don't dry clean your cover.
*Don't iron your cover.