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How to Install Your RV Cover

Installing your RV cover can be just as easy as the purchase itself!

Here are some simple steps to follow for an easy installation:

  1. Be sure your RV is clean, without any dirt or debris.

  2. Place the cover on the roof of the RV and roll from the front end to the back end of the roof while spreading the cover from side to side. (Please use caution when walking on the top of your RV.)

  3. Then, come down and from front to back pull the cover over the sides of the RV. Adjust as necessary.

  4. It is recommended that you use the reinforcement material to help protect your cover from any sharp edges or stress points before securing the elasticized hems.

  5. Secure the hems under the front and the rear of the RV.

  6. Once the cover is on your RV, be sure to use your tie down straps to secure the cover and prevent it from blowing up or off the unit.

To help prolong the life of your cover, be sure to keep your RV and cover clean. You can easily clean your cover with mild soap and water and a soft brush and rinse with a hose. Leave your cover to dry before storing or placing it back on your RV.

Avoid letting water or snow sit on your cover, and always have your cover tied down.