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How and Where to Rent an RV

Spring and summer are just around the corner and now’s the time to start planning your vacation!  Plan a cross-country trip or go see a World Wonder! Take the whole family. Even if you don’t own an RV, you sure can travel like you do!

Renting an RV can be an easy and less expensive way of vacationing, especially with a big family. RV’s can provide a convenient and comfortable way to travel with less stress and more ability to see the world from your window.

Class Cs are the most commonly rented RVs because they are easy to drive, and handle very similar to a regular car. Most Class Cs accommodate beds for up to 6 people, include bathrooms with shower facilities, offer heating and air conditioning, and have kitchens equipped with microwaves and refrigerators. Class C motor home rentals can range in base price from $700-$900 per week depending on how many passengers need accommodations, and total mileage. These RVs have around a 36 gallon tank and could cost around $140 to fill up. On the other hand, Class A RV rentals can cost up to $1400 to rent for a week and most have a 75 gallon fuel tank.

The cost of rentals depend on the size and age of the RV, length of time you would like to rent, the season, and any additional services or accessories you would need. Some companies will stock your RV with food, drinks, towels, bed sheets, and even kitchen cookware to help keep your packing list down for around $50-$100.

For your first trip in a RV, you should try to limit yourself to a few nights instead of a few weeks to be sure you will enjoy every moment of your vacation, especially if you are traveling with children. If the rental company should give you any instructions or vehicle information, always read those before leaving home and not when you are miles away, in case you may have any questions. Customers are sometimes restricted to certain places they can travel due to weather, security alerts, and road conditions. If these restrictions are violated, your coverage and insurance could be voided.

The 2 most popular places for RV rentals online are Cruise America //www.cruiseamerica.com/, providing pick-up locations in 36 states and more than 128 locations, and El Monte RV //www.elmonterv.com/ which offers pickup options in 19 different states. There are many smaller companies that also rent RVs and even have leaseback options in some areas for very competitive pricing. Some campgrounds even offer on-site RV rentals. Most companies offer seasonal deals, depending on your location, and holiday specials.

Renters must be at least 21 years old, and sometimes as old as 25, to rent an RV. Some other requirements include a major credit card with a minimum credit limit of $1,000.00, a valid driver’s license, and adequate insurance information shown at the time of pick-up. To add additional drivers ages 21-25, most places charge $25 and all drivers must be present at the time of pick-up. Anyone over the age of 25 can drive a motor home, and it does not require any special insurance coverage, although most rental companies offer additional coverage.

When making travel arrangements for your summer vacation, don’t rule out traveling by RV and creating memories! It could be your favorite way to travel and you don’t even know it yet!