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Camping With Dogs

      We’ve been RV camping for around 13 years and average about 9 or 10 trips per year. We keep our camper stocked with dishes, towels, clothing and typical camping equipment, but we always seem to forget something in our rush to start our “adventure”. One thing we never leave the house without is our 4-legged pal, Huck.

     Huck is our 3 ½ year old mutt (think part dachshund, part beagle, part who knows what) and he is the most loving animal I have ever had the pleasure to raise. He is also an avid camper. When he sees us making the trek back and forth loading up our camping supplies, he gets excited beyond words. He goes inside the camper, claims his favorite chair, and waits as patiently as he can.

     Once we get to our destination, Huck’s favorite thing to do is nap. He also likes to stalk squirrels and chase leaves. (Hey, I never said he was the smartest dog…just incredibly cute!) He expects to be able to swim and fetch sticks each time we camp. We just returned from our last trip of the year (early December) and the cold water did not slow him down.  Did I mention he likes to nap?

    It seems to us that he enjoys camping in our RV as much as we do. He gets to meet new people and smell new smells. He likes hanging out by the campfire and being our trusty companion. He has gone with us to the beach, to the mountains and everywhere in between and I can’t imagine travelling without him!