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Bored Kids? Make the Most of Your Trip

Finding things for the kids to do while camping can prove quite a challenge. Especially when the kids aren’t that close in age. Fortunately for my husband and I, even our older children are still “kids at heart”!

Scavenger hunts are always a hit and will entertain them for as long as you can write out lists of various items to search for.  You can even "tweak" the hunt by including specific instructions such as “get 5 signatures from fellow campers” or “sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to the campers across from us”. This actually proves to be entertainment of sorts for everyone involved—even those being serenaded!

Another way we pass the time is by playing games like bocce, cornhole, or ladder ball. This gets the kids active and adds some friendly competition to our trip. Other campers often join in our tournament and it’s a great way to make new friends.


   We spend many evenings playing cards. There is nothing like a Rummy game or an old fashioned game of Go Fish! We also play a lot of board games. We especially enjoy the Cranium games that include having to draw out a picture of a secret word or sculpt an item from Play-Doh or act out a certain word. We also like to play Scrabble, Guess Who, and other games the whole family can participate in.

   To me, the whole point of camping is to get away from laptops, cell phones, and TV and to spend some quality time with my family.  I love just kicking back in the lounge chair and napping or reading, but I truly enjoy making special memories with my kids that hopefully one day they will pass on to their own children.

   -Written by Andi, Customer Service Representative at RVCoversDirect.com.

andi neil and abby with pets