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Carver Styled-to-Fit RV Covers

Your Pop-Up RV is exposed to the elements—sun, acid rain, dust, dirt, even windborne debris. Any one of these items can wreak havoc on your paint job and decrease the value of your folding trailer. RVCoversDirect stocks Pop-Up covers made by Carver Industries in Landrum, SC.  These covers are built tough enough to withstand the strongest sun, even in places like Arizona or Texas.  Highly water repellent and mildew resistant, Carver folding trailer RV covers are guaranteed for five years.

Carver covers are designed to fit the box length of your Pop-Up Camper, with available lengths ranging from 8’-30’. Each cover will have 2 33’ tie-down straps that go over and under the unit for security.  Elastic is sewn into the front and rear hems to make the cover snug against the unit. 

The best way to choose the correct size cover is to measure your unit. You should measure your units overall length including everything you want covered. Going by RV manufacturers specs can often result in choosing a cover which is not long enough, as the manufacturers do not always include bumpers, etc.

We also offer tire covers for your Pop-Up.

Choose the length of your folding camper to learn more about Carver RV covers.

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RV Dimensions

Length 8' - 10'
Length 10' - 12'
Length 12' - 14'
Length 14' - 16'
Length 16' - 18'
Length 18' - 20'
Length 20' - 22'
Length 22' - 24'
Length 24' - 26'
Length 26' - 28'
Length 28' - 30'

8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard RV Covers

Carver RV Covers are made from quality materials right here in the USA, in Landrum, SC. Their covers offer your unit protection from elements such as intense sun, rain, and snow. Their Performance Polyguard material is 100% true loom woven marine grade polyester. This material is soft and very easy to handle, weighing about 8 oz per square yard. It offers an extremely high tensile strength meaning it is very tear resistant. This material is many times better than the standard non woven materials which are most common today in the cover industry. Carver RV covers come with a money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 5 year warranty.

  • Elastic is sewn into the covers hem for easy installation. Also assists in keeping the cover in place during high winds
  • Heavy duty tie down straps are included with all covers. These straps are attached, and go under the cover from side to side. Additional 40 long straps (made to go over and under the entire unit, like belts) are included with all covers*
  • A reinforcement kit comes standard with all covers. This is self-adhesive, so you can quickly and easily add extra padding wherever you may need it.
  • Zippers are sewn into the cover to allow you to access the door on the passenger side. Multiple openings are sewn in, so you can access the door no matter its location*
  • Cincher straps come with all covers* allowing you to snug up extra material for a tighter fit.
  • Free storage bag included with all covers.
  • Made in the USA

*Asteriks indicate features that do not apply to Class B RVs and Pop Up Trailers (Zippers, Cincher Systems and Straps)

Will Fit:

  • Width: 90"
  • Side Height: 46"

Our Sure-Fit Guarantee

We guarantee not only the quality, but the fit of our covers. If you are not satisfied with either of these, you are able to return the cover for credit or exchange it for another. Please see our warranty information page for complete details.

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