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Airstream RV Covers by Carver

Airstreams are designed to be lightweight, streamlined, and fuel efficient. These aerodynamic trailers are incredibly long lasting, with 70% of all Airstreams ever built still on the road. 

To protect your Airstream, consider a cover from Covers Direct.  If you need a cover quickly, choose your model below or choose your cover by style and size. Our Carver covers are styled-to-fit, meaning they will offer generous coverage for your unit.  They will protect your RV from dust and dirt and are UV and water resistant.

We also offer custom covers for your Airstream manufactured by Covercraft. Simply fill out our dimension sheet, return it to us, and we’ll provide pricing on an affordable custom option. Custom covers require ~3 weeks for manufacture--they are worth the wait!

  1. Manufacturer Airstream
  2. Model / Year
  3. Color

RV Models and Years

A-Series A37 (05-06)
A-Series A39 (05-06)
Classic 25' (05-06)
Classic 28' (05-06)
Classic 30' (05-06)
Classic 30' SO (05-06)
Classic 31' (05-06)
Classic 31' Dinette (05-06)
Classic 34' (05-06)
Classic 34' SO (05-06)
Classic Limited 25 (07)
Classic Limited 27FB (07)
Classic Limited 28 (07)
Classic Limited 30 (07)
Classic Limited 30 S/O (07)
Classic Limited 31 (07)
Classic Limited 31DIN (07)
Classic Limited 34 (07)
Classic Limited 34 S/O (07)
International CCD 16 Bambi (06-07)
International CCD 16CCD (06-07)
International CCD 19 Bambi (06-07)
International CCD 19 Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition (07)
International CCD 19CCD (06-07)
International CCD 22 (06-07)
International CCD 22CCD (05)
International CCD 25CCD (05)
International CCD 25FB (07)
International CCD 25SS (06-07)
International CCD 28CCD (06-07)
International CCD 28CCD (05)
Interstate (05)
Interstate 22' DT (06-07)
Interstate 22' FS (06-07)
Interstate 22' RD (07)
Interstate 22' RS (06-07)
Land Yacht 390 XL 390 (05-06)
Land Yacht 390 XL 396 (05-06)
Land Yacht Gas 26' (05)
Land Yacht Gas 30 SO (05)
Land Yacht Gas 30' (05)
Land Yacht Gas 33' (05)
Parkway 22' DT (06-07)
Parkway 22' FS (06-07)
Parkway 22' RD (07)
Parkway 22' RS (06-07)
Quiksilver Special Edition 16' Bambi (06)
Safari 16' Bambi (05-06)
Safari 19' Bambi (05-07)
Safari 20' (07)
Safari 22' (05-06)
Safari 23' (05-07)
Safari 25' (05-07)
Safari 25' FB (05-07)
Safari 25' SS (05-07)
Safari 28' (06-07)
Safari 28' SO (05-06)
Safari 28' W (05)
Safari 30' Bunk (06)
Safari 30' Bunk (05)
Safari SE 19' Bambi (05-07)
Safari SE 20' (07)
Safari SE 23' (07)
Safari SE 25' FB (05-07)
Safari SE 25' SS (05-07)
Safari SE 27' FB (07)
Safari SE 28' (07)
Westfalia (06-07)

We also offer the following RV Accessories

Tyre Gards

Windshield Covers

A/C Covers

Spare Tire Covers

Propane Tank Covers

Mirror and Wiper Covers

8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard RV Covers

Carver RV Covers are made from quality materials right here in the USA, in Landrum, SC. Their covers offer your unit protection from elements such as intense sun, rain, and snow. Their Performance Polyguard material is 100% true loom woven marine grade polyester. This material is soft and very easy to handle, weighing about 8 oz per square yard. It offers an extremely high tensile strength meaning it is very tear resistant. This material is many times better than the standard non woven materials which are most common today in the cover industry. Carver RV covers come with a money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 5 year warranty.

  • Elastic is sewn into the covers hem for easy installation. Also assists in keeping the cover in place during high winds
  • Heavy duty tie down straps are included with all covers. These straps are attached, and go under the cover from side to side. Additional 40 long straps (made to go over and under the entire unit, like belts) are included with all covers*
  • A reinforcement kit comes standard with all covers. This is self-adhesive, so you can quickly and easily add extra padding wherever you may need it.
  • Zippers are sewn into the cover to allow you to access the door on the passenger side. Multiple openings are sewn in, so you can access the door no matter its location*
  • Cincher straps come with all covers* allowing you to snug up extra material for a tighter fit.
  • Free storage bag included with all covers.
  • Made in the USA

*Asteriks indicate features that do not apply to Class B RVs and Pop Up Trailers (Zippers, Cincher Systems and Straps)

Do you take your golf cart with you to the campground? 

If you’re like many of our other customers, you need a cover to protect your golf cart when you’re not riding.  We offer 2, 4, and 6 seater covers, all made by Carver Industries in the USA.  Call us for a special deal if you purchase both your RV cover and golf cart cover at the same time.  How does 10% off both and free shipping sound?

2 Seater Golf-Cart Cover

Once you've chosen your cover, keep in mind that we offer other protective accessories such as tyre gards, windshield covers, a/c covers, and even propane tank covers.

Carver Double Axle CoverWindshield CoverA/C CoverPropane Tank Cover

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